Refund And Disclaimer

Refund and Disclaimer

Thank you for viewing our refund policy…we want you to know that we want you to be satisfied with the information that we provide…and we want you to reach your goals using the information that we provide…so we’ve put this refund policy together…

Since our information is located totally on the website and can easily be copied and printed…we have to place restrictions on how our refund policy works…

You understand that all of the information that we provide is web based…we won’t mail anything to your home…we provide links, addresses, phone numbers and names (if available) on the site…if you have problems finding specific information please notify us…and we will help assist you in retrieving the information that you want specifically…

We don’t determine rules and regulations of agencies, websites, or institutions.  We provide the information to contact agencies, organizations, companies and financial institutions and you will have to follow their guidelines.  We’re not responsible for agencies, websites or institutions responses to your inquiries.

We do not have a 7 day free trial. All of our information is located online. Once you receive the members email you have full access.

Refund Policy


  1. More than 20% of the website addresses that we provide the direct link doesn’t work due to being outdated by more than 3 months…
  2. We don’t provide the link to our members only website within 36 hours of the online purchase…
  3. We don’t provide the link to our members only website within 36 hours of the offline purchase after the check or money order has cleared…You must provide a valid email address.
  4. If you’ve accidentally placed a double (duplicate) order of the same product…we will refund the duplicate back to you…
  5. We can’t live up to the statements mentioned above…
  6. You request a refund prior to our sending out the members only email with the links to the site…


  • We use Paypal® for your payment processing. We do not collect your credit card information.
  • None of your credit card information is delivered to us.
  • We do not sell or share your contact information (phone numbers, email addresses or home address)
  • We are not responsible for policies, restrictions, and fees from other websites.
  • We are not responsible for any purchase of the real estate or personal property that you receive.
  • We are not responsible for any deal you make with any institution or agency that you find through our members website.
  • We are not responsible for any legal actions or fees that you may have to pay.
  • We do not set the prices for any personal or real property that you may find through our members website.
  • We are not responsible for any real or personal property damages that you receive.
  • We don’t guarantee that you’ll be able to purchase a tax lien or foreclosure or auction property…that’s all up to you and your efforts, timing and the agencies involved.
  • We don’t guarantee that there will be tax liens, foreclosures, loans, grants or properties available for you to purchase or receive every day or month or year…that’s up to the states, agencies and municipalities that have control according to the state codes, laws, and charters.
  • 99% of Government Grants are given to non-profit organizations, municipalities, states and cities.

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