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Corporate Grants

Corporate Grants

Welcome to our private grants information page. We want to make sure that you know what we are talking about in our members pages when you join us.

What are corporate Grants?

Corporations throughout the United States and the world provide grants for you to start a business, build a business, further your education and more.  Many of these corporations are on the Fortune 500 and exchanges around the world.

There are more than 100 companies and organizations that give grants to individuals, organizations and businesses.

Many corporations are part of a reinvestment act, meaning that they have to give a percentage of their profits back to the community that they have built their business in.  Some do it just for the philanthropy, some for the tax breaks.  You don’t need to really know why these corporations and organizations do this, you just need to know who they are and how to get it.

Here we have a few examples.  Check them out.

Can anyone receive these corporate grants?

Once you visit the sites of these corporations you’ll find out the requirements and qualifications to receive the grants.


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