Get Going

Get Going


What stops the average person from making a lot of money?

Fear.  To get going you must remove the fear from your thoughts.  It’s easy to purchase a nice car, jewelry and other small material things.  You can even spend it on going out, drinking or smoking.  Those are all things that we can spend our money on and we’ll see the reward right in front of us.  Those expenditures are immediate gratification.


Purchasing a home or house.

In real estate the difference between a home and a house is a home is the place that you want for your family to be raised, a house can be just temporary or an investment.  This is based on your view point.  You can purchase a property for your family to live in, but it might not be the home that you want.  In time it could become the home.  The purchase of a house is based on the plan for it.   It can be just for rental or resale.  It’s based on your perspective.


What is your motivation?

The motivation goes back to the statement above.  What is your plan for the property?  Do you have a new or growing family?  Our plans can change based on our situation at any given time.  Once you have your motivation in place then you’ll decide whether you’re purchasing a home or a house.


Get Going – Non-stop, no hesitation.

Fear can stop us from achieving anything.  Fear can cause us to second guess anything that we want to do in life.  Fear applies to every dream that we have in life, starting a business, falling in love, completing our education, moving and more.  Most people will never be successful because of fear.  Many people will never take a chance at starting a business because they’re very comfortable with their present job and don’t want to take a chance at starting a new business and counting on themselves to make it work.

You can fight that fear by taking small steps.  You can take chances in the things you eat, drink, watch on television, music that you listen to, getting into new activities, just doing something different instead of your same old routine.


Stop worrying about the stock market.

We’ve hear people, including the news, stating how bad things are getting because of the Dow Jones Industrial average.  The stop market looses points, Wall Street is worried, we’re in a bear market…blah blah blah…don’t let that worry you, unless you’re in the market.  Remember most of what’s going on in the stock market has to do with people, RICH PEOPLE trying to make more money.


Don’t think about inflation.

Inflation is a concern, no-one want’s to pay $4 for a dozen eggs, $5 for a gallon of milk, you get the picture, but purchasing a home or a house shouldn’t be part of your worry.  Property prices don’t rise or fall because of inflation.  The changes in property prices is based on the real estate market.  Supply and demand really controls the real estate market.


All of that to say JUST DO IT…JUST GET GOING…

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