Top Real Estate Markets

Top Real Estate Markets

Top Real Estate Markets

You might have seen a list of 10 or 20 “hot” real estate markets.  We’re going to place a list of what cities below.

How Can I Find The Top Real Estate Markets?

Are There Any Good Deals In The Top Real Estate Markets?


According to

Salt Lake City – Utah

Boise – Idaho

Spokane – Spokane Valley – Washington

Indianapolis – Carmel – Anderson – Indiana

Columbus – Ohio

Providence – Warwick – Rhode Island – Massachusetts

Greenville – Anderson – Mouldin -South Carolina

Seattle – Tacoma – Bellvue – Washington

Worchester – Massachusetts – Connecticut

Tampa – St. Petersburg – Clearwater – Florida


Fortunes list

  1. Nashville
    2. Raleigh/Durham
    3. Phoenix
    4. Austin
    5. Tampa/St. Petersburg
    6. Charlotte
    7. Dallas/Fort Worth
    8. Atlanta
    9. Seattle
    10. Boston

 What you should truly know.

You should know that it doesn’t matter what the “experts” say, the things that should matter to you in any real estate purchase is what your present condition is.  As you can see at the above 2 list they see the market differently.  If you follow all the top real estate markets on or offline you’ll see that each person or company that has a report it will be different from the others.

What do you need and want in life is what should matter to you.  What does your family need?  Where do you want to be?  Is there a great opportunity for you in one area over another, is there a job in the area for you?.  That’s what matters.

We’ll keep showing top market information, but always keep in mind what’s important to you.



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