Tax Lien Investing

Tax Lien Investing

What is Tax Lien Investing and why should you get involved.

What is a tax lien?

In most states, counties and cities there are property taxes placed upon said property. When these taxes are not paid there is a lien placed upon the property. The county or city usually sell these liens to investors through an auction process.

The interest on these certificates is set by the state, they range from 8% to more then 25%. The interest is GUARANTEED.  Most importantly think about how much interest your bank pays you on your savings, .02% up to 1%.

REMEMBER there are things that will take a lot of time to explain, like foreclosures, redemption periods and the auction process that we won’t discuss here. We let the municipality or county explain that to you.

We just tell you who to contact.

How many tax lien sales are there?

Tax liens are sold throughout the year.  Counties and cities notify the public of tax sales through their website or local papers.  First of all we have no idea how many sales are conducted in the United States throughout the year.  We have found more than 200 links to help you find that investment.

How do I purchase a tax lien?

  1. Join our Government Deals Family,
  2. Look through the links that we provide,
  3. Select a state or county of interst,
  4. Look through their website and information,
  5. Then decide if it’s for you.

The information that we provide will give you the information you need to make the decision that’s best for you and your family.

Don’t let it bother you if your state doesn’t have these investment opportunities.

REMEMBER…you’re looking to make the most of a return on your money…it doesn’t matter what state you invest, or whether it’s a place that you would want to live in…

Come and JOIN GOVERNMENT DEALS and we can achieve goals together.

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