April 13, 2021

Sellers Corner

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Sellers Corner

Looking to sell your property check out this information.

What to do to prepare your home for sale?

Location, location, location is the number one rule in real estate but if your property is in a community or city that part is usually solved.   You have schools, shopping, transportation and a community feel built in.  So what would you have to do?

Remember appearance is everything.  Cut the grass, trim the hedges, and remove hanging branches.  No one wants to fight over growth to get to your house.  Sweep and clean up, remove broken and misplaced objects from the front of your house, you want to make that first impression special.  If there is dull paint touch it up.

On the inside remember just because you like the black, purple and green room doesn’t mean that the new owner will like it.  We find that neutral colors give the best impression.  Neutral colors makes it easy to get a vision of how the new owners furniture might look in your house.

Clean up, remove trash, and try to remove the clutter from each room.  Place things in boxes, put them in a corner in the basement or garage.

Should I do a For Sale By Owner?

Many people look to sell their houses on their own to save the commission.  It’s easier today to do a for sale by owner due to the information that is readily available on the internet.  You can get an idea of market trend, pricing, and marketing you house.

The main problem with a for sale by owner is that everything is on you.  You must control all aspects of the sale.  You, as the owner, must be available for appointments, you, as the owner, must be able to take the criticism that potential buyers might deliver, and you, as the owner, must do this all by yourself.

When you higher a real estate broker, yes it will cost you a commission but they do all of the work.  They can set up all of the appointments, and do the showings.  The criticisms become ideas on how to improve the property to get a sale.  And with a real estate broker you have every real estate agent in your community willing to work to get that sale.  Remember that’s the way they make money.

What to look for in a real estate agent?

We need you to remember a real estate agent works under a real estate broker.  The broker is the one that holds the license for the agent, the broker is the one that is responsible for the agent.  The broker usually provides training for the agents under them.

Most states require that the broker have a few years in real estate and a certain amount of real estate transactions to become a broker.  So brokers that have been in the business for a while might have a lot of experience in marketing and sales.  Agents that receive a listing usually would have to follow a marketing plan that the broker or office has laid out.

The one thing that you should really look for is an office that has a history of sales in your community.  We find that offices that are involved in the local community perform better  than those that don’t get involved.  The brokers that are involved in the community seem to look at their office listings as more than a paycheck.

What are the best improvements to make to sell my home?

One thing that sellers can do is get their own inspection or engineers report.  It’s usually a couple of hundred dollars.  It’s worth the investment.  The report will let you know what damage or items of concern is in your home.  You’ll find out if something should be replaced  or just repaired.  Most buyers will purchase an inspection.   Once they receive the report they can ask the seller to make the repairs or adjust the price to cover the cost of repairs.

How do I know the right asking price?

The key to finding the best asking price is to do your research.  There are websites that give an estimate of value, and real estate sales are public information.  You can find information about property sales in your community and find properties similar to your home to give you an idea of the best asking price.

When you hire a real estate agent they’ll usually have “comps” a comparative market analysis with them.  The real estate agent usually would do the work of finding the best asking price for your home.


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