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Private Grants

Private Grants

Did you know that many of Americas Fortune 500 companies and other companies have grants that they offer to the public. Well Government Deals decided to include the private grants section.

We need you to know that not all grants are for individuals. Some grants are only for organizations, and municipalities. If you find them don’t be bothered. Use the information to help others. Some people and companies make money preparing grant packages for others.

The main thing about filing for a grant is making certain that you follow the instructions carefully.  You must be a person that is very detail oriented.  If you miss deadlines or don’t provide the correct documents you can just kiss that grant goodbye in most cases.

With the information we provide to our members you’ll get all the details, rules and deadlines directly from the source.

What is a private grant?

A private grant is money that families, organizations or individuals will put aside for the public.  When a wealthy person passes away, the family can take some of that wealth and use it to help others.  These grants can be used for education, business, health or whatever the family thinks the needs might be.

How many private grants are available?

Government Deals doesn’t know how many private grants are in the United States.  Families can create them when someone in their family passes.  And besides it really doesn’t matter how many private grants are out there, the main point is to find the one that’s best for you.  Remember these grants can be for anything.  You want the one that you need.

How can I receive a private grant?

You can search the internet for grants, it might take time but you can find some.  Or you can join our Government Deals family and have a list available to you immediately.  We want you to join us, but more than anything we want you to build your dream.


Come and JOIN GOVERNMENT DEALS and we can achieve goals together.

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