August 2, 2021


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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What Do I get for the $$Money$$$…?

You get direct links to agencies that have properties to sell though out all of the 50 states, you also get links for bank foreclosures and auctions, federal and state employment opportunities, unclaimed property links, federal and private grants, also you get tax lien and tax lien certificates information….One low fee…it’s all included.

How Do I get this information…?

Once you join…you’ll receive an email – YOU MUST PROVIDE YOUR EMAIL ADDRESS – with the links to our members area website…on that website you’ll find ALL of the information…we also have it for you to be forwarded to the members site. You will be able to visit as often as you like.

Is this initial fee the only fee…?

Yes…we don’t charge any other fees…this is a ONE TIME ONLY fee…we don’t do the 7 day trial period.  We don’t charge per state fees or per county or local fees.  We give you all of the information when you become a paid member.

How often can I visit the members only site…?

You can visit as often as you like…everyday, monthly, hourly…you decide…as long as our site is up…we intend to be up the next ten years or more…

Do the agencies have fees…?

We haven’t run across any government agency that charged a fee for their foreclosure or auction information…the most is usually a self addressed stamped envelope…if the information is not located online.  Financial institutions are different…a few might charge a fee for their information…though we haven’t run across any…

Can I find this information on my own…for free…?

Yes…All of the information that we present you can find on your own…but it might cost a lot more than the fee that we charge…remember we spent time, and money finding agencies throughout the 50 states…

Do you guarantee that I’ll get a foreclosure or auction property…?

NO…remember there are investors and others looking to buy foreclosures and auctions…also you’re the only one that can guarantee that you’ll get a foreclosure or auction property…If you don’t do the work…you won’t get anything…

Is the tax lien information and tax lien certificates information included?

Yes the tax lien information and tax lien certificates information is included.  We take this one a step further than other sites.  Many tax lien sales or tax lien certificates sites sell information per county or per state, we don’t do that, we provide links throughout the United States and as we find links for more counties we update our information at no extra charge to you.

I don’t trust ordering on the internet can I order offline…?

To begin…NO…we do not accept checks or money orders offline…but Paypal has many different ordering options.  Hopefully with their history you can find security in ordering through their site.  ALSO we paid for extra security…if you look at our URL you’ll see the “https”…the “s” means that our site is encrypted.  You should also see a little lock next to our URL.  It cost more to get that added security but you’re worth it.

Do I have to Join Paypal to order…?

NO…you don’t have to join Paypal to order our packages. We use Paypal’s services because it’s very secure.

Why do you call it “packages” if nothing is coming in the mail…?

When we first started on the internet in 2003 the information about foreclosures and auctions was in book form. The book would be mailed to our paid members.  We called it a “package” because that’s what you got in the mail.   Again…we no longer mail anything to your home – YOU MUST PROVIDE YOUR EMAIL ADDRESS – Though nothing is mailed to your home, and everything is located on the internet the word package just stuck with us.



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