March 1, 2021

California Auctions – Scheduled

California Auctions – Scheduled

California auctions of real estate are available throughout the year.  Real estate foreclosures, auctions, computer, auto and more are auctioned in California.

Looking for a foreclosure property, auction or tax sale in the state of California the information is here on Government Deals.

There are sales throughout the year.   Real estate auctions, autos, planes, boats, computers (items might not be available in this state) and more.

How does the California auction work?

Once you join Government Deals you’ll go to our members only section where you’ll find links for California auctions and much more.   When you go to the California auctions sites there you’ll find the rules and information you need to join the auction.   Hopefully you’ll get to purchase something that you’ll like.

Can I purchase that property or item at the California Auction?

Remember any property that you see in the California auction post is available until the date of auction or if the government removes that property.

We can’t guarantee that the property will be available when you join.  That’s beyond our control.

Government Deals notes about California Auctions.

The United States government sells at auction many different types of properties, from real estate to computers to cars and more.  What we want to do here at Government Deals is find some of them that are upcoming for auction and present them to you.

NOTE: Our property description and property details are taken directly from the government sites.  The property might be different when you view it, please note that we can’t be held responsible for the accuracy of anything that the government states.

NOTE: The properties that we show are available at time of  posting.   If you join our site Government Deals before the auction date, you might be able to see or purchase that property.   Remember the government might remove properties or change dates and information without out knowledge. is not responsible for cancelled sales, and/or property removals.

We go through the list and pick the properties that our team found most interesting.