American Auction

American Auction



How Many Auctions Are In The United States?

There are between 25,000 and 30,000 auctioneers in the United States.  Each state has auctioneers.


What’s Sold At An Auction?

Auctions sell so many different items.  We speak mainly about real estate auctions, because that’s what we specialize in.  Over the years of our business we focused on foreclosures and auctions of real estate.

First of all, we provide 100’s of links.  Many of our links are auctions.  We have government links, bank auction links and more.  They can sell computers, coins, comic books, clothing, furniture, tractors, autos, planes, boats and more.

Also when you join our site feel free to browse all of the links that we have you might be able to find something that you really like.


How To Find Auctions?

To find auctions on your own you can use search engines like GOOGLE.  To find all the links that we have in our members section it will take a lot of time.  It took us a few months to double and triple check our links.  We used online and offline sources to compile our lists.


Are The Items Good At The Auction?

You must use due diligence.  Check out the items that you’re looking to bid on at the auction.  Most auctions set a date where you can come and inspect the items that’s up for bid.


Can I Purchase Something Cheap At An Auction That’s Truly Valuable?

We’ve heard about people that purchased a painting for  a few bucks, and then realized that there was a painting from a famous artist attached.  We’ve never seen it, because it’s extremely rare.  Today most people, businesses or organizations that have auctions will check out the items thoroughly.

Remember go to the auction to find something that you really want.  Something that you’ll like.  Don’t go to the auction or bid online at an auction hoping to hit the jackpot.


Check out our AUCTION MARKET to get an idea of what we do.

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