All About Grants

All About Grants

All About Grants

Welcome to the Government Deals grants section. We’ve divided it into 3 different areas, government grants , corporate grants, and private grants.

The government has over 1000 grants. These grants are handled through many different agencies.

We at Government Deals always felt that it would be better for everyone to have these grants information in one place, so we designed our grants section.


What is a grant?

A grant is a financial amount given to you, organization, or business to help to develop or grow.  Grants can be for education or research and development or whatever the grant was for.  Grants don’t have to be paid back.  They’re not loans.


How Do I Get A Grant?

First of all you need to know what you need the money for. whether you need to start a business, need education, service a community in need.  Whatever the reason for money could be.    Then you can do an online search for grants that would serve that purpose.  Or you can join us and go through the links we provide.  We have more than 100 links.


How Many Grants Are Available?

We can’t tell you how many grants there are because we don’t know.  The federal government, America’s largest companies, family endowments and states provide grants.  We can’t help you with how many are out there, all we can say is don’t worry about that and just concentrate on what kind of grant you need.


Is It Easy To Receive A Grant?

It’s a process that has to be followed to receive a grant.  First you have to find the entity with the grant that you need, follow all of their steps.  Make certain that you follow the instructions and applications precisely.  If there’s a specific date that something must be submitted make certain that it’s submitted on time.  Grants usually have a deadline date to apply don’t miss that date or you might have to wait for the grant to open up again.


What Kind’s Of Grants Are Available?

There are all types of grants, business grants, art and museum, research and development, education, medical, community grants and more.  Organizations, government, and private individuals can set up any kind of grant they want, to serve the purpose that they feel needs some assistance.


What Can I Do With My Grant Money?

If you did the research to receive a grant, make certain you do what the grant was given to you to do.  If you received a grant to do research and development don’t use the money to go to the Bahamas.


What’s The Difference Between A Grant And A Loan?

The first and main difference between a grant and a loan is that the grant doesn’t have to be paid back.  Also loans have interest rates, amortization, can be sold and many times have a note (promise to pay it back) attached.

Government Grants

The United States government is the biggest individual provider of grants.

Private Grants

Theses grants are endowments from families or groups of individuals.  You would find many of these for PBS productions, museums and art galleries,

Corporate Grants

These are Americas corporations and multi-national corporations.

Did you know that many of Americas fortune 500 companies and other companies have grants that they offer to the public. Well Government Deals decided to include the corporate grants section.

We need you to know that not all grants are for individuals. Some grants are only for organizations, and municipalities. If you find them don’t be bothered. Use the information to help others. Some people and companies make money preparing grant packages for others.


Visit our GRANTS information pages to see what we offer.

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